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Hymn for the Holy Year of Mercy

The hymn’s title and refrain (from Lk.6,36) “MisericordesSicut Pater” is the official Latin theme of The Year of Mercy and translates to “Merciful Like The Father”. The music for the hymn was written by a British composer Paul Inwood and the verses by Jesuit Eugenio Costa. The four verses of the hymn contain lines from scripture punctuated by the Latin phrase “ in aeternum
misericordia eius” which means “His mercy is for ever”. The hymn’s title and refrain,”Misericordes Sicut Pater” is repeated twice after the second verse and twice after the fourth verse.
Mi-se-ri-cor-des-si-cut-Pa-ter! (x4)
In ae-ter-num mi-se-ri-cor-di-a-e-ius