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Parish Calendar

Parish calendar. A limited number of calendars is available for 2016. The four  photographs on the calendar show some of the history of the Parish and St. Joseph’s church in this year of celebration. Top left is a photograph of Bro. Serenus Mc Cormack taken on the site of the new monastery on Feb. 13 1981. Top right is a photograph of Bishop Mc Kenna and clergy  sisters and  students with workmen, at the laying of the foundation stone of the Convent Chapel in 1913. Bottom right and left are photographs of The Eucharistic Procession; left coming down O’Neill street 1958/59 and, photograph  right coming up the convent hill. The Priest in the photograph on the right is the late Fr. Dan Duffy with members of the Steadfast band. (Photographs courtesy of P.J. Mc Cabe and printed by Farney Print.)