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Support for the Parish and the Priests.

1. Tax relief for donations to eligible charities.

Machaire Rois Parish has received 35,655 euro from the

Office of The Revenue Commissioners for years 2013-

2014. Our sincere thanks to all who supported the

scheme. Details of this scheme are available in the Parish

Office. To support the scheme, a parishioner must be a

tax payer, contribute at least 250 euro annually through

planned giving (envelope), and complete the CHY3 CERT

available in the Parish office.

2. Supporting the Priests’ of the Parish.,

The Priests’ of the Parish receive a monthly salary and are

taxed as self employed tax payers. The collection taken

up on the first Sunday of each month is used to support

the Priests’ of the Parish. Gifts of money given to the

Priest on the occasion of a baptism , a wedding or a

funeral and called a stipend are put into the common

fund and used to pay the salary of the Priests. The Priest

is entitled to keep a portion of the stipend for himself.

3. Celebrating Mass for more than one person or


When the Priest celebrates more than one Mass intention,

especially at the vigil or a Sunday Mass, the Priest may

keep for himself one single Mass offering. The excess is

used by the Bishop to support the fund for sick and

retired Priests.

4. Publically announced Masses published in the

Parish Bulletin.

It is a tradition to make an offering to the Priest, a gift of

money called a stipend for a publically announced Mass.

The Diocesan offering for a publically announced Mass is

a minimum of 25 euro or 20 sterling.

5. Mass Cards. The offering for a signed Mass Card is 10

euro. Cards are signed after Mass or in the Parish office

during opening hours.