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The Year of Mercy logo

The Year of Mercy logo is the work of Marko Rupnik
SJ. It is inspired by icons of Christ rescuing Adam from
the underworld. Take time to look at it, what do you
The colours white, red gold, black and shades of blue.
The almond shape and the deepening shades of bluesuggest depth in the image. Jesus comes to us out of the
deep mystery of God. On his hands and feet we see hiswounds of mercy. There is a sense of energy about him.
There is a suggestion of the cross behind him; under his feet- he tramples the Cross in the victory of his Resurrection.
The person over his shoulder suggests the Good Shepherd with his lost sheep. There is closeness, a great intimacy between them. We notice the eyes of the figures. What might the artist be expressing here? – We are invited to learn to see as Jesus sees, with the gaze of God, with eyes of Mercy. The words from Luke 6.36 are the motto of Year of Mercy. The hymn composed for the Year of Mercy is based on these words.