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WMOF2018 Pray-A-Thon

WMOF2018 Pray-A-Thon The WMOF2018 has launched a PRAY-A-THON to reach out to family members/friends and pray for them and any special intentions they might have. Similar to the aim of read-a-thons, which foster the habit of regular reading, the Pray-A-Thon can encourage children in the practice of praying within the family home. Easily downloadable from the WMOF2018 website, the prayer card can be printed by schools, parishes or parents, and given to children to fold into a booklet, bring home and fill in individually. The card has space for up to 20 names for whom they will pray on each day of their Pray-A-Thon. Children are invited to pray using the words “please, thank you and I am sorry” that Pope Francis encourages us to use within our family life. On the last day, the children pray for family members or friends that have died as well as for families around the world in need. Find out more on our website here https://www.worldmeeting2018.ie/en/Resources/Pray-a-Thon