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You are invited to a three-day celebration.

You are invited to a three-day celebration. The Easter Triduum (Triduum=three days) is celebrated from Holy Thursday at 3pm to Easter Sunday evening.  This extended celebration offers people of faith a deep spiritual engagement with Christ’s Passover through death to risen life, what we call his Paschal Mystery.  The celebration is marked by three Liturgies:  The Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday afternoon & evening, with its themes of service (the gospel of the washing of the feet) and the gift of the Eucharist; the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday is a unique Liturgy. “austere and very sad”, which ponders on the saving death of the Lord Jesus; and the Vigil of Easter Night with the proclamation of Christ’s resurrection from the tomb and of our rising with him from sin to the new life of love and grace.  But there is more to celebrate than Liturgies.  In the Triduum, the penitential fast of Lent gives way to the Paschal Fast, which is to be kept sacred by all on Good Friday and, if possible prolonged through Holy Saturday, so that we may come to the joy of the Sunday of the Resurrection with ready and uplifted hearts.  Will you join us in this three day celebration? RSPV (personally and directly) to the one who said “Do this in memory of Me”.